My water provides electronic access to the Victorian Water Register and allows registered users to see their accounts and trade allocation, to apply for Domestic & Stock bores, Investigation bores and, after registration as a service provider, apply for Observation bores.

Please note: My water supports the following browsers; Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

My water includes several components which are detailed below.

Online Allocation Trading

Online allocation trading allows allocation account holders to trade allocation on the Victorian Water Register website with near-instant approval (in most cases), at a reduced fee. Click here for fees. Online allocation trading  also allows you to:

  • see what is in your allocation account
  • view previous years’ allocation account statements
  • generate an allocation account statement for the current financial year

If you want to become an online allocation trading customer, please print out a Form 39a (available below), read the instructions on the back, complete the form and lodge it with your water corporation.  Once the form has been processed, you will receive login details by email.

Online Services for Water Brokers and Exchanges

You can get online access via a Broker Portal to lodge applications to trade allocation on behalf of your customers (with a near-instant result in most cases), at a reduced fee. Click here for fees.

A 'getting started' document (updated September 2014) is available below. The first step is to enter into an Agreement (which also refers to Common Rules which in turn refer to Instructions) with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. Once that has been processed, you will receive login details by email.

Here is a user guide for the Broker Portal.

You can also choose to build your own computer system to directly link via an API to the Victorian Water Register – this may be useful for brokers and exchanges who do a large number of trades.  This API gives you the same facilities as the Broker Portal and is subject to the same Agreement. If you wish to do this, please email your contact details to, and someone will contact you to discuss it further.

Applications for Bore Construction Licences

 Domestic & Stock bores are for household use, watering of stocks and pets, and watering of a kitchen garden up to 0.4 ha., and may not be used for irrigation or commercial purposes. If you need a bore for Domestic & Stock purposes you can apply online immediately and get approval within a few minutes in most cases.  

Investigation bores are dug for short term, immediate investigative use only. The site should be fully reinstated after samples are taken and nothing must remain after the drilling rig has left the site. If you need a bore for Investigation purposes you can apply online immediatelyand get within a few minutes in most cases.

Observation bores are very different to Investigation bores. Observation bores are constructed for ongoing observation purposes, they may be retained after the drilling rig is removed from the site to facilitate monitoring and/or samples. This option is only available to businesses that we have set up as a service provider in the Victorian Water Register.

Registration as a service provider to access Observation bores as an option is free and easy, just email your contact details to and someone will contact you to set things up.

If you need a bore for Observation purposes you can ONLY apply after registration. 

A user guide with some hints and tips is available below.

It is important to remember that all bore construction licences are only valid for 12 months from the date of granting. Also each Domestic & Stock licence permits only 1 bore to be constructed. Investigation and Observation however licences permit up to 20 bores each, as long as they are on a single land parcel or congruent land parcels with the same owner/occupier. Once a Licence has been granted, the only way to amend the purpose of the licence (i.e. D&S, Investigation or Observation) will be to apply to the Water Corporation named on the licence to alter the purpose which will have a fee associated.