You can find out about the current risk of spill in the Murray, Goulburn and Campaspe water systems here, along with details of any spill announcements that have reduced the volumes held in spillable water accounts.

The Resource Manager for northern Victoria, Goulburn-Murray Water, is responsible for making a declaration of low risk of spill, taking into account how full the dams are and the range of possible future inflows under prevailing climatic and catchment conditions.

The risk of spill is assessed on the 10th of each month until a low risk of spill declaration is made. The Resource Manager’s website now provides detailed analysis of the current risk of spill in each system

Current status of low risk of spill declaration

The table below shows the current status of low risk of spill declarations for each system.

Water System Declaration Status Spill determinations this season tip
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MurrayDeclaration not yet madeYes, view announcements
GoulburnDeclaration not yet madeYes, view announcements
CampaspeDeclaration not yet madeNo

Further information on the total volume of water that is held in spillable water accounts this season, and the allocated volumes currently available for use or trade can be found in the unused water report for each water system.

The Resource Manager also announces any spills in each water system with the regular seasonal determinations on the 1st and 15th of each month, and gives information on the risk of spill in the next season in the seasonal outlooks provided each February and May.

Spill determination history

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Notes and disclaimers

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