You can find information in this part of the site about the amount of water available to entitlement holders and how much has been used. 

Seasonal determinations

Allocations to water shares in regulated water systems depend on seasonal determinations of how much water is available.

Unused water

Find out about the total amount of water available in each water system, and how much has been used.

Risk of spill

Find out about the risk of spill in the Murray, Goulburn and Campaspe systems, and any spills advised by the resource manager.

Unregulated surface water

Unregulated waterways are streams or rivers where the flow is not interrupted by dams or weirs, and the volume of water available for diversion is based entirely on rainfall and runoff.


Groundwater refers to water occurring beneath the surface. It is typically accessed by a bore.

Water use trends

Information on changes in water use in recent years.