The Water Register is a public register of all water-related entitlements in Victoria. It has been designed and built to record water entitlements with integrity and provide crucial information for managing Victoria’s water resources.

The Water Register:

  • holds water shares recorded by the Victorian Water Registrar, together with mortgages and limited term transfers (leases) relevant to these water shares
  • holds records of licences to take and use surface water and groundwater
  • holds records of works-related licences
  • records water allocations that are available in the current season
  • tracks and reconciles volumes of water entitlements by water system and trading zone
  • holds water-use licences and delivery shares that are managed by water corporations
  • includes workflows to process water dealings, and keeps audit trails
  • generates statistics and reports on levels of use, directions of trade, and prices paid


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Water reform history

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Forms and fees

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