Our project guidelines

The project takes its overall guidelines from the Victorian Water Register 10-Year Strategy

  • Adaptive management: focussing on continuous improvement through regular monitoring and periodic evaluation, and adjusting our strategic direction or work plan as required
  • Collaboration: building on the strength of existing partnerships, continue working together to deliver our shared outcomes for the Victorian Water Register
  • Customer and community focus: ensuring the Victorian Water Register meets the needs and expectations of those who use and rely on it
  • Communication: keeping our partners and beneficiaries informed about the outcomes we are seeking for the Victorian Water Register, the changes we are making to get there and progress towards achieving our outcomes
  • Capability-building and support: ensuring our partners and beneficiaries feel confident interacting with the Victorian Water Register, and providing consistent, complete and accurate data and information where required
  • Adapting to future change: maintaining flexibility to adapt to changes in the external environment, including new technology, the water entitlement framework, water markets, and Victorian and Commonwealth legislation
  • Flexibility: recognising and accommodating the different needs of different Victorian Water Register partners
  • Trust: giving confidence in the security and privacy of the Victorian Water Register, particularly as services move online

Iterative delivery approach

The Victorian Water Register Transform project is a complex initiative that needs to be delivered across a variety stakeholder groups.

We plan to use an iterative approach that is adapted from classic agile ways of working and will help us deliver business benefits earlier, while meeting stakeholder needs for certainty and structure. 

The details of this approach will be developed when our implementation partner joins the project. In the meantime, check out the agile ways of working page for more information on how we’re introducing agile elements across project planning and development.

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