The Victorian Government is committed to improving water market transparency through a range of actions, including providing more and easier to find information on market behaviours. Market Insights provides analysis of data for improved market transparency to give market participants greater knowledge of water entitlements and markets. This site will continue to be updated with new insights as part of our commitment to making water market information more accessible to everyone.

Carryover insights

Find out more about how carryover is being used in northern Victoria.

Trade opportunities

Find out more about opportunities that have been available for trade between trading zones and under different trading rules.

Other helpful resources

Allocation trading

Allocation trade involves transferring a volume of water allocation from a seller to a buyer.

Available water by owner type

Find out more about the total amount of water available in each water system, and how much has been used.

Entitlement statistics

Reports on the number of water entitlements in eachwater system, as well as details about each entitlement, including volume and reliability.