The Victorian Water Register Transform Project will be delivered with an iterative approach that takes on board many of the aspects of agile ways of working. Find out more about how we're going about that on the Project implementation page.

Agile is an approach to project delivery and development that helps teams prioritise the delivery of business benefits. Agile is not a methodology, but a series of values and principles that form the umbrella for delivery frameworks and development methods.

This video provides a good overview of the four agile values and 12 agile principles. 

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Why are we using agile ways of working in the Victorian Water Register Transform Project?

  • Everyone sees the project benefits earlier because the project delivers in iterations rather than at the end.
  • Agile puts the customer at the centre of the development and design of what's being delivered.
  • Agile projects, because they plan and delivery iteratively, can adapt more quickly when priorities change.
  • High levels of engagement mean there's greater transparency with an Agile project.
  • There is the potential for fewer defects at each delivery stage because feedback is gathered as tools are being developed and testing is done as each component is delivered.
  • Risk is spread across the project because Agile focuses on delivering a working system at the end of each development stage.

We go into more detail on working agile in our FAQs section.

We will introduce Agile ways of working gradually.

Right now

  • The project team is working in quarterly planning and delivery cycles.
  • We are using retrospectives, constructive and honest feedback and evaluation workshops, at the end of each cycle. These are key to planning for the quarter ahead.
  • Our stakeholders are briefed at the beginning of every quarter with a project update and a forward look, especially regarding engagements.
  • The project team runs weekly showcases (demonstration of progress) for the Water Information Systems Team to ensure high levels of collaboration and input into project development.


  • We will begin to run regular monthly showcases for internal and later external, stakeholders.
  • Our Agile coach, Epic Agile, will begin working with the team and then with our stakeholders to develop our Agile tools and processes.


  • Once our implementation partner joins, we will be working with them to merge and align our agile processes, tools and resources.
  • Internal and external stakeholders will, depending on their role, also increase their agile ways of working with the team.

We'll support our stakeholders along the way


Epic Agile, our agile coach, will work with project team members and stakeholders for the duration of the project. One of their key roles will be to support the development of an Agile operating environment that takes into consideration the complex nature of our Victorian Water Register partnership and the wider Victorian water trading community.


We'll provide formal training opportunities as needed and facilitate experiential and peer learning across all our stakeholder groups.

Need more information?

Find out more about agile ways of working in our FAQ section.

Check out the presentations from our May 2021 agile ways of working information session.

Visit the project page for more detail about how we’re going about things in general.

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