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The Victorian Water Register is changing.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) is working with other Victorian Water Register Partners to deliver the Victorian Water Register Transform Project. This project is a key priority of the Victorian Water Register 10-year strategy and aims to create a Victorian Water Register for the future.

While the core and integrity of the current Water Register will be carried forward, we are working with our Partners to create a register that delivers a fresh experience for the Victorian water community and rethinks how we meet our regulatory and organisational objectives.

In providing a more intuitive customer experience, increased transparency and easier access to water entitlement information including licensing, compliance and water market data, the new Victorian Water Register will support:  

  • increased online services
  • use of integration technologies to enable Victorian Water Register support for the commercial development, by third parties, of electronic products and services such as electronic broking services, trading platforms, portfolio investment services and farm automation systems
  • increased security using cyber security base technologies to secure sensitive data.

These, in turn, contribute to more efficient and productive allocation and use of Victoria's precious water resources.

Why are we doing this?

When it was introduced in 2007, the Victorian Water Register was recognised as the leading and most comprehensive water register in Australia and one of the most developed in the world.

Since then the Victorian Water Register has evolved to meet the various needs and expectations of the Victorian community and today it provides multiple services for both public and internal government users.

Investing in a new Victorian Water Register will benefit the Victorian community by delivering accessible, responsive and user-friendly services and supporting further development of efficient and effective water markets for Victoria.

Within this context, it's time to consider what Victoria's next Water Register looks like.

What's happening?

The project kicked off in 2020 and we're now building the foundations that will support development and delivery work for the life of the Transform Project, which will run through to mid 2024.

We will engage widely and well

Our customers' experience is central to our work and in this spirit, we kicked off engagement during the project's initiation phase and will continue to work closely with Victorian Water Register Partner organisations and other key stakeholders during the length of the project.

Currently, the project team, which sits within DELWP, is undertaking a series of targeted engagements with Victorian Water Register Partner organisations and DELWP stakeholders. These engagements are central to progressing our work on technical and business service development. We are also looking at our transition support model and communication and engagement activities.

We have kicked off an engagement to reach out to key groups that use and benefit from the Victorian Water Register.

Development and implementation

Victorian Water Register Transform is a complex project that impacts numerous stakeholders across the Victorian Community.

We're taking an iterative approach to development work and will deliver the changes to our customers in stages.

We will communicate often and clearly about what to expect and when to expect it, directly through this website and through our fellow Victorian Water Register Partners' communication channels.

Our guidelines

The project takes its overall guidelines from the Victorian Water Register 10-Year Strategy. They are:

  • Adaptive management: focussing on continuous improvement through regular monitoring and periodic evaluation, and adjusting our strategic direction or work plan as required
  • Collaboration: building on the strength of existing partnerships, continue working together to deliver our shared outcomes for the Victorian Water Register
  • Customer and community focus: ensuring the Victorian Water Register meets the needs and expectations of those who use and rely on it
  • Communication: keeping our partners and beneficiaries informed about the outcomes we are seeking for the Victorian Water Register, the changes we are making to get there and progress towards achieving our outcomes
  • Capability-building and support: ensuring our partners and beneficiaries feel confident interacting with the Victorian Water Register, and providing consistent, complete and accurate data and information where required
  • Adapting to future change: maintaining flexibility to adapt to changes in the external environment, including new technology, the water entitlement framework, water markets, and Victorian and Commonwealth legislation
  • Flexibility: recognising and accommodating the different needs of different Victorian Water Register partners
  • Trust: giving confidence in the security and privacy of the Victorian Water Register, particularly as services move online

Need more information?

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