Who are the Victorian Water Register partners?

The Victorian Water Register Partners are those organisations involved in operating and maintaining the Water Register.

This partnership is built on a combination of regulatory requirements, as found in the Water Act 2007, and historical relationships. They are all signatories to a formal agreement that outlines their responsibilities in the ongoing provision of the Victorian Water Register

The Victorian Water Register Partners are:

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

The Victorian Water Registrar

Goulburn Murray Water Corporation

Southern Rural Water Corporation

Lower Murray Water Corporation

Grampians, Mallee, Wimmera Water Corporation

Melbourne Water Corporation

Coliban Water Corporation

Who are the Victorian Water Register beneficiaries?

Beneficiaries are individuals or organisations who interact with the Victorian Water Register but are not specifically partners to it.

Beneficiaries are a diverse group and can include holders of all types of water entitlements and allocations, water market participants and intermediaries, analysts and water resource practitioners.

The nature of these beneficiaries and their interactions with the Water Register have evolved over time and can be expected to continue evolving in the future.