Victoria is adopting a new approach to water delivery entitlements in declared systems

Victoria is adopting a new approach to water delivery entitlements that will empower water users to manage their own delivery risks in declared systems. Changes are due to come into effect by July 2023.

The new approach does not affect anyone’s water shares, it simply clarifies their right (entitlement) to have that water delivered.

The changes will:

  • Give water users more certainty about their rights to have water delivered down our rivers and enable more flexibility to manage their own delivery risks.
  • Enable the Minister to make rules to cap and allow for the trade of these delivery rights.
  • Protect the rights of existing entitlement holders in water systems where delivery risks are increasing.
  • Give water users confidence there are strong penalties to protect them from impacts of others taking more than their fair share during any river rationing.

As part of a broader program of communication and engagement, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) has established a 'Place of Take Approvals Consultative Committee' to provide advice on the implementation and communication of the new approach The Committee is made up of 8 private water users from across Victoria.

A fact sheet and a set of frequently asked questions are available that explain the changes that will occur and what those changes will mean for water users. An additional fact sheet is available that outlines how private diverters who share a works licence with others can expect their existing extraction share to be apportioned between different parties when the changes come into effect.

pdfDownload PDF Fact sheet: Place of Take Approvals (228 Kb) 
pdfDownload PDF FAQs - Place of Take Approvals (235 Kb)
pdfDownload PDF Fact sheet: Introducing Place of Take Approvals – Private Diverters with Shared Works485.77 KB

The new approach has been introduced through the Water and Catchment Legislation Amendment Act 2021, which will amend the Water Act 1989 when it comes into effect by July 2023. This approach affects water users in Victorian declared systems, this includes the regulated Murray, Goulburn, Campaspe, Loddon, Broken, Bullarook, Ovens, Werribee and Thomson-Macalister systems.

More information will be available on this Place of Take Approvals webpage as the new approach is rolled out.