On Thursday 27 May 2021 the Victorian Water Register Project Team hosted an agile information session for Victorian Water Register Partners and internal project stakeholders. 

The session explored some of the key aspects of agile ways of working and what it's like to work with them in a project, as well as some of the challenges and benefits of this approach.

Join our speakers in the session videos below. They are:

  • Luc Houselander, one of DELWP's resident agile experts whose projects include the GovMap project for Land Use Victoria.
  • Eugene Hawkins, Senior Analyst Agile Ways of Working in DELWP's Strategy and Performance Team, involved in our Organisational Agility Program 
  • Will Thompson, who is working with the project as our agile coach.

Agile information session part one - presentation

Agile information session part two - discussion

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