In most circumstances you can apply for a general place of take approval (GPT) within the same application form in which you are applying for approval to use water on land, such as in a water-use licence/registration form or an application form to transfer both water share and land ownership.

In some circumstances you can separately apply to obtain or vary a GPT as described below.

More information on place of take approvals is available here.

Extraction share management

For river diverters, your GPT also includes your extraction share (ML/day). You can apply to your water corporation to vary or transfer your extraction share using the approved application forms provided below:

Issue of a GPT with a new service point

If a new service point (i.e. pump or outlet) is being added to provide water to an existing WUL/R, then people who hold allocation accounts linked to that WUL/R may need to apply for a general place of take approval for the new location (new service point) using the following form before the new service point can be approved. If this circumstance applies to you, the following approved application form must be submitted to your water corporation: 

  • pdfForm 20 – Vary extraction share

Request for more time before a GPT is cancelled

If you have received a notice of intent to cancel your GPT and its related extraction share, due to you no longer having an allocation account linked to the relevant water-use licence or registration, you can use the following submission form to request the cancellation be delayed in order to provide additional time to transfer your extraction share. There is no fee for this form. 

  • pdfForm 18 – Request for additional time to apply to transfer extraction share.

All applications must be made using the approved forms. For the water corporation to accept the application forms that can be downloaded above, they must be clearly printed on white A4 paper in portrait format.

On this webpage, notional rationing rate under section 3(1) of the Water Act 1989 is referred to as 'extraction share’.