What’s happening and when?

There is a planned outage to both the water register and the supporting website www.waterregister.vic.gov.auto make changes to support the commencement of the Place of take approvals frameworks on 20 November 2023. 

This will also affect all access to the My Water and Broker portal platforms for water trading and bore construction/reporting activity. These works are scheduled to take place between 10.00pm Friday 17 November and 10.00pm Sunday 19 November 2023.

Impact to Services

You will be unable to access any services from www.waterregister.vic.gov.au or via the My Water portal during the entire outage period. This will prevent any access to:

  • Water trades;
  • Bore applications;
  • Copies of Records.

After the outage, normal services will be restored.


Further Information

For further information please email us at waterregister.support@delwp.vic.gov.au.