The next release of seasonal trade opportunity from the Goulburn to the Murray system is 10.00 am 17 October 2022.

The Goulburn to Murray trade rule applies to allocation trade from the Goulburn, Loddon, Campaspe and Broken systems to the Victorian Murray and interstate.

This trade opportunity is highly competitive – to manage expected demand for the 17 October 2022 opening, there will be some changes to how allocation trade applications are processed.

The key change is that, on 17 October 2022, allocation trade applications will not be processed and approved/refused automatically; instead, all allocation trade applications will be processed manually by each relevant water corporation.

This will be implemented as follows:

  • The Goulburn to Murray trade opportunity balance will be updated at 10.00am on 17 October.
  • Between 10.00 am and 10.30 am, water market participants should submit all allocation trade applications through the online MyWater and Broker Portal as usual. Each trade application will continue to be queued in the order received by our online interface.
  • After 10.30 am, the Broker Portal and MyWater will be offline until 5:00 pm 17 October 2022 while manual processing of applications takes place.
  • Applicants will receive notification on the outcomes of trade applications as they are manually processed, and no later than 5:00 pm 17 October 2022.

Due to these changes, during the 30-minute application submission window (10.00 am – 10.30 am), the available Goulburn to Murray trade opportunity balance on the where can I trade map? and Water Market Watch App will not change, as applications will not be automatically processed and assessed in real time. The balance displayed during the 30-minute submission window will remain at the total opening volume. This should be taken into consideration when you submit your application.

Once manual processing begins at 11.00 am, trade application notification emails will be sent as each application is completed in turn, and the remaining Goulburn to Murray trade balance on the where can I trade map? and Water Market Watch App will update accordingly. 

The Victorian Government is committed to ensuring all market participants can access trade opportunities. The Goulburn to Murray trade opportunity is highly competitive and additional load is placed on our systems at these times.

These changes are necessary to help manage this load and provide the high level of service our customers need.

We are also investing in a new water register through the Victorian Water Register Transform project which underlines our commitment to provide reliable services for water market participants.