A plan for delivering water from the Goulburn Inter-Valley Trade (IVT) account to the Murray has been released to support implementation of the interim operating and trade rules introduced on 1 July 2021.

The operating plan sets out a default monthly pattern for delivering water from the Goulburn IVT account, and the seasonal conditions for varying delivery from this default. It has been designed to ensure that traded water can be delivered within the ecological tolerances set out in the interim operating rules and without impacting on Murray entitlements or delivery security.

The operating plan outlines how water is expected to be delivered from the Goulburn IVT during 2020-21, including when trade opportunities are likely to become available. A fact sheet explaining how water will be delivered and how this creates trade opportunity has also been released.

During the year, Goulburn-Murray Water will publish up to date information about actual Goulburn IVT deliveries, including explanations for any variations from the default delivery pattern.

The operating plan will be reviewed this year to assess how effective it was supporting the interim Goulburn to Murray trade and operating rules. What we learn from operations this year will help to support a Victorian Government decision on long-term trade and operating rules ahead of 1 July 2022. 

More Frequently Asked Questions about the interim changes to the Goulburn to Murray trade rule for 2021-22 are now also available below to explain the changes and how the trade opportunity under the interim rule is calculated.