The Victorian Water Accounts (VWA) team have released the Online Water Accounts (, moving the VWA into the digital space. The Online Water Accounts is the next step in the project to transform the VWA. The platform will be focussed initially on the surface water basin accounts, covering the surface water and distribution systems chapters of the Victorian Water Accounts. People will be able to use the website to find out where water is sourced through to where it is used by customers. 

The Online Water Accounts complement the digital Highlights (howmuch.water, and the 2018-19 Victorian Water Accounts report released in July this year. The VWA team are excited to now have two digital reporting offerings. The ‘Highlights’ explain Victorian’s Water Entitlement and Management Frameworks and show how water trends are changing over time. The Online Water Accounts provide detailed information at a catchment scale about the availability and use of water in Victoria each year. 

The Online Water Accounts platform is key to moving the VWA from a report primarily accessed in printed format to one primarily accessed online. The team hopes that this will also bring the VWA information to new audiences. 

The long-term vision of the data visualisations is to refine and expand based on user expectations and feedback. Please let the water reporting team know if you have any feedback. 

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