The Victorian Government is committed to improving water market transparency and making our information more available and accessible than ever before.

One of the features of water trading is inter-valley trade, which can be used to move allocation between different trading zones by allocation trade or tagged use.

The ability to move water between trading zones is subject to trade limits, which define how much water can be transferred from one trading zone to another.

Today, DELWP in association with Goulburn-Murray Water and Lower Murray Water  are releasing an instructional video on how to use the ‘Where can I trade?’ tool.

The tool can help to better understand and visualise trading limits, the available trade opportunities and historic trading opportunities and how they applied to your previous trades in northern Victoria.

See the video here:


You can launch the 'Where can I trade tool?' below.

You can also use the Water Market Watch app to stay up-to-date with Victorian water market information anywhere, anytime. It provides instant access to the latest allocation announcements, spill determinations, trade limits and market prices from the Victorian Water Register. 

It is available for free from the Apple app store and Google Play store.