The Victorian Water Trading Annual Report for 2018-19 is now available.

This report summarises all water trades recorded in the Victorian Water Register for the 2018-19 year.  It presents information about the number, volume, price and location of trades for water shares, allocation, and groundwater and surface water take and use licences.

Prevailing dry conditions in northern Victoria and the continuing drought in New South Wales resulted in higher market prices for water allocation, with market prices up to three times higher than 2017-18 prices. The number of trades increased, but lower volumes of water were traded and higher market prices were recorded for both water allocation and water shares.

This year’s report contains some new information, including monthly net allocation trade to New South Wales and South Australia and an additional graph showing the price band within which most allocation trades occurred during the year in zone 1A and zone 7.  This graph illustrates the gradual rising trend of allocation prices throughout the year. 

This is the twelfth year that this report has been published. Copies of reports from previous years are available here.