New rules to restrict water use from tagged accounts will take effect on 12 December 2019, as previously announced by the Minister for Water.

Final regulatory approval for these new rules was given on 10 December and the restrictions will take effect from 12.00am on 12 December 2019.

The new rules restrict tagged use when trade limits for related allocation trade have been reached. Restrictions on tagged use only apply when allocation trade is also closed.

As the Goulburn to Murray trade limit is currently closed, this means that water users with accounts in the Goulburn that are tagged for use in the Murray will be restricted starting 12 December 2019 until the trade limit re-opens.

These changes aim to protect the health of the lower Goulburn River and provide a level playing field for all water users in northern Victoria.

More information and frequently asked questions on these changes can be found here.

Copies of the interim regulations and Ministerial Determination that have been made to implement these new rules can be found here.