Allocation trade out of the Broken system will close for this season on 31 March 2015. Trade applications received after 31 March will not be approved.

This closing date is part of the trading rule introduced on 1 July 2014 which allows allocation trade from the Broken to downstream systems subject to the following limits:

  • Undelivered trade-out must not exceed 1,500 ML
  • No trade after 31 March and before 1 July in any year 

These limits are necessary for the effective delivery of allocation to downstream users without impacting the environmental values of the lower Broken River.

Trade from the Broken, subject to the same limits, will reopen in early July 2015, as soon as the necessary end of financial year water accounting tasks are completed in the water register.

The re-opening of the water register will be announced in a news item on the water register website. You can go to the bottom of the water register homepage to subscribe to automatically receive news items.

The 31 March closing date does not apply to trade within the Broken system or back-trade into the Broken from other systems.

Available trade opportunities can be found here.