Allocation trade and carryover rules on the Broken are changing from 1 July this year.

The Minister for Water has approved changes to the trading rules to allow limited allocation trade out of the Broken system.

The Minister has also approved changes to Broken carryover so that water can be carried over only against high-reliability water shares, and not  low-reliability water shares.

Allocation trade

The volume and date limits on trade out of allocation in 2014-15 will be;

  • Undelivered trade-out must not exceed 1,500 ML
  • No trade after 31 March and before 1 July in any year.

These limits are necessary for the effective delivery of allocation to downstream users without impacting the environmental values of the lower Broken River.

A Broken water share cannot be tagged for use outside the Broken system. However, anyone can now buy a Broken water share and move allocation to a downstream property by trading allocation within the new limits.

The new trading rules will apply from 1 July 2014.

The available trade opportunity can be found here (from 1 July 2014).

Carryover changes

At the end of this season unused allocation on the Broken can only be carried over against  high-reliability water shares, and no longer against low-reliability water shares.

Low-reliability water shares are not supported by storage capacity early in the season. Allowing carryover against these entitlements can reduce high-reliability allocations at the start of the season.

This change affects water carried over from the end of this season onwards.