New information is now available explaining how allocations are determined and why there have been no allocations to low-reliability entitlements on the Goulburn and Murray systems this season.

This information on how Victoria's water budget works is provided by the Northern Victorian Resource Manager and the Water & Natural Resources Group of the Department of Environment and Primary Industries.

pdfDownload PDF Understanding Victoria's water budget (PDF - 189 Kb)

This breakdown of water commitments on the Goulburn system shows how water is currently allocated and details the impact of recent dry conditions and low inflows on the water budget.

 pdfDownload PDF Goulburn water budget 17 February 2014 (PDF - 207 Kb)

A breakdown of water commitments on the Murray system is also provided below, where total inflows since the start of spring have been about 1,300 GL below average.

pdfDownload PDF Murray water budget 17 February 2014 (PDF - 210kb)

 More information on frequently asked questions will be available soon.