Improvements to the Victorian Water Register have been launched to make important water transactions cheaper, easier and faster for irrigators and other water users.

pdfDownload PDF Walsh - Water trading improvements cut irrigator red tape (PDF - 45 Kb)

The changes include:

  • Online allocation trading with near instant approval, and application fees cut by nearly 50%
  • Simpler processes for customers selling land and water together, reorganising the farm within a family or looking to streamline their water services

More information about online allocation trading is available here.

There is also now an easier way to reorganise water services and/or sell water as part of a land sale. Water corporations can help you package all relevant water services into one simplified application. For more information see the fact sheet below.

pdfDownload PDF Making land and water dealings easier (PDF - 245 Kb)

Specific fact sheets are also available below for the new improved processes for;

  • Restructuring your property within the family
  • Preparing a property for sale

pdfDownload PDF Restructuring water services (PDF - 235 Kb)

  • Selling a property and transferring ownership of some or all of your water services
  • Buying a property and purchasing the related water entitlements

pdfDownload PDF Transferring water services with land (PDF - 241 Kb)