• Water corporation
    Organisations charged with supplying water to people in towns, farmers and other water users across Victoria for urban, industrial and commercial use.

    They administer the diversion of water from waterways and the extraction of groundwater.

    The corporation must provide the service of delivering water to the owner or occupier of each serviced property in its irrigation district at the volumes and for the periods determined by the corporation.
  • Water entitlement
    A right to receive water allocations, depending on resource availability.

    An unbundled water entitlement is a water share.

    A bundled water entitlement may be one of several types; most commonly take and use licences, water allowances, and supply by agreements.
  • Water licence
    Generally, a shorthand way of referring to a take and use licence.

    This can be confusing, as there are other types of water licences – for example, works licences and water-use licences, which are very different entitlements.

    It is better to use the name of the entitlement type.
  • Water Register
    The Water Register is a public register that records water-related entitlements in Victoria.

    It holds water shares recorded by the Water Registrar, together with mortgages and limited term transfers (leases) relevant to these water shares, records of licences to take and use surface water and groundwater, and records of works-related licences.

    The register also holds records of water allocations available in the current season and tracks and reconciles volumes of water entitlements by water system and trading zone.

    It generates statistics and reports on levels of use, directions of trade, and prices paid.
  • Water Registrar
    Victoria's Water Registrar records transactions on water shares including transfers, mortgages, limited term transfers and discharges of mortgage.

    The Registrar is also responsible for the Water Register system and the accuracy, reliability and accessibility of records.
  • Water share
    A water share is a legally recognised, ongoing entitlement to a share of the water available in a defined water system.

    It gives the owner a right to a share of water in the dams.

    The volume of a water share is defined as a maximum amount of allocation that can be made against it each year.

    Features of a water share include
    its water system, such as the Goulburn, Murray or Macalister;
    its reliability, which can be high or low, and the volume, e.g. 100 megalitres (ML).
  • Water share transfer
    The transfer of ownership of a water share. When you buy water share you are not also buying the allocation. Transferring the water share does not transfer the allocation account (ABA) or any water in it.
    The buyer only receives new allocation announced to the water share after the Water Registrar has recorded
    the transfer.
  • Water Supply Protection Area
    An area declared under the Water Act 1989 to protect the groundwater or surface water resources by developing a management plan.
  • Water supply system
    A body of water which is managed as a unit for the purposes of supplying water users.
  • Water system source
    River basin or groundwater management unit from where the water is sourced for regulated and unregulated systems.
  • Water system type
    Types include regulated, unregulated, groundwater, recycled, stormwater, managed aquifer recharge and wetlands.
  • Water-use licence
    A licence that authorises the use of water for the purposes of irrigation on the land specified in that licence.
  • Water-use registration
    An authorisation to use water for purposes other than irrigation.
  • Waterway
    A river, creek, stream, watercourse and a natural channel where water regularly flows, whether or not the flow is continuous (as defined in the Water Act 1989).
  • Waterway determination
    A process where a water corporation under section 51 and 67 of the Water Act 1989 decides whether the land on which someone proposes to construct or alter a dam is on a waterway, and assesses the catchment yield of the land.
  • Works
    Refers here to a machine or construction designed to extract water, usually a pump, or a bore, or a dam.
  • Works licence
    A licence that authorises the construction, alteration, operation, removal or decommissioning of any works on a waterway, or a bore, or a dam belonging to a prescribed class of dams.