Earlier this year, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning , in collaboration with the Murray-Darling Basin Authority consulted with various key Commonwealth, cross-jurisdiction and Victorian stakeholders, and Traditional Owners about delivery risks in the River Murray, following the release of the joint Basin governments’ report Managing Delivery Risks in the River Murray System.

Several key themes were raised throughout consultation including:

  • What is being done to manage delivery risks
  • What to expect in a shortfall
  • What are the other states doing
  • Growth in horticultural plantings
  • Menindee Lakes and compliance in the Northern Basin
  • Changes at Barmah Choke
  • Environmental water delivery

The What We Heard Report captures feedback from Victorian stakeholders and Traditional Owners during the consultation. The report provides context about key themes that were raised and discusses the next steps for the Victorian Government.

The What We Heard summary is a snapshot of the report and outlines the engagement approach, the key themes raised during the consultation and the next steps.

 More information about delivery risks in the River Murray System is available here.