In 2019, the Victorian Government announced a review of the Goulburn to Murray inter-valley trade rule to better protect the lower Goulburn River from unseasonal high flows of traded water to downstream users.

The Acting Minister for Water Richard Wynne has today released a regulatory impact statement (RIS) seeking feedback on proposed options for long-term Goulburn to Murray operating, trade and tagging rules. You can read the Minister’s media release here. The RIS consultation paper, along with summary information on proposed operating rules and trade rules and proposed arrangements for the Lower Broken Creek, has been published on the Engage Victoria website here.

The RIS looks at options to protect the lower Goulburn River and assesses impacts on economic, environmental, cultural and recreational values. It proposes a preferred option for lower flows over summer and autumn, with trade rules that match trade opportunity to what can be delivered. This includes tagging restrictions in line with trade rules. The RIS has also identified infrastructure options that may improve outcomes under the proposed long-term arrangements in future.

As part of the RIS, the Victorian Government has also identified long-term arrangements for managing trade from the Goulburn system to the Lower Broken Creek, which is part of the Murray system. The Lower Broken Creek consultation paper is also available on the Engage Victoria website here.

As part of consultation on the RIS, the Victorian Government is also seeking feedback on proposed transition arrangements, with long-term changes proposed to start to come into effect from 1 July 2021.

Public consultation will commence on 22 March and be held online over a period of 6 weeks, ending 30 April. Pending Covid-19 health advice, some small face to face sessions may also be held.

You can make a submission and provide your feedback on the RIS consultation paper and Lower Broken Creek options on the Engage Victoria website here. Your feedback will help inform a government decision on long-term options, which will be announced prior to 1 July 2021.

For more information on the Goulburn to Murray trade review and steps taken to date, visit