As part of the Victorian Government’s ongoing commitment to continual improvement of water market information, from Thursday 27th August 2020 a reason for trade will be required for all online Victorian allocation trades. The agreed date that the price for the trade was reached will also be required.

This information will be required for all online allocation trades submitted through the Victorian Water Register Broker Portal and the MyWater online allocation trading service.

These changes are being made to provide greater information and transparency about the types of trade occurring and the prices being paid for different water products, and when agreement was made on each trade.

There will be eight reasons for trade that market participants can select.

The attached factsheet provides more information on the changes and outlines each of the available reasons for trade options and how they are to be used.

This change will make it easier for all water market participants to meet their legal obligation to accurately provide the price paid for allocation trade applications.

This information will help improve water market information in the future and assist people make informed water market decisions. In time, this information will be used in a de-personalised format to provide information on the market price for various types of trades and establishes standards for how various types of trades should be recorded.

This will provide greater insights for buyers and sellers on what the market price has been for these products and assist market participants to consider the use of these products in managing their water portfolio.