All online applications to trade allocation that are subject to the Goulburn to Murray trade limit will be referred for manual processing from this evening.

An issue was encountered in the Victorian Water Register on Friday 16 March 2018 with the processing of a number of trade applications that were lodged online a few seconds apart when the trade opportunity opened up.

Referring online trade applications subject to the Goulburn to Murray trade limit for manual processing is required to make sure that all applications are assessed fairly and consistently with the trading rules.

This process will apply until further notice while we work to resolve the issue encountered in the Water Register.

Further information on how trades will be processed will be communicated prior to 30 April 2018.

Key Points

Referral for manual processing will apply to all applications to trade allocation from the Goulburn, Campaspe, Loddon and Broken systems to the Victorian Murray or interstate.

Trades can still be submitted online through the Broker Portal, Broker API or MyWater online trading, but these will be referred to manual processing by water corporations rather than being automatically approved or refused.

All applications submitted online will be processed in the order that they are submitted and approved or refused in line with the available trade opportunity.

Call out from the Goulburn inter-valley trade account will continue to be updated in the Water Register at 10.00 am each Wednesday and Friday.

Water corporations will endeavour to process all online applications to trade as soon as possible after 10.00 am on these days.

Other manual applications to trade, and manually referred trade applications subject to the Barmah Choke trade limit will continue to be processed in accordance with communicated processes by each water corporation.

Any other online applications that are not subject to either the Goulburn to Murray trade rule or the Barmah Choke trade rule will continue to be automatically processed online.

All applications to trade will still be subject to the online application fee, as per current business practice.