Landholders, drillers and consultants can now apply online for licences to construct water bores (BCLs) for domestic and stock use, investigation and observation.

It is now easier, faster and cheaper to get a licence with same day approvals in most cases.

    • Fees for one online applications are around 50% less than paper application fees.
    • Online fees will be the same across all water corporations
    • There will no longer be additional fees for extra bores when applying online.

Applications are automatically processed and licences issued on the spot in most cases.

The Victorian Government, Victorian Water Register and rural water corporations, in consultation with the drilling and hydrogeological industries, have collaborated for this innovation which is already saving Victorians money.

Moving to online BCL applications is another Victorian Water Register innovation to cut red tape, reduce costs and provide better service with shared benefits for landholders, rural water corporation customers and drilling and hydrogeological industries.

To apply online you need to be a registered user. Registering is free. Read more...